Billions of records with milliseconds access time
is a standard for us

While others struggle to speed their systems up, we build ours for the best possible performance from the very project inception! There are tools you don’t have to optimise after implementation. They’ve been developed by Anthillo.

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Area of expertise

We build, develop, host, and support distributed data analysis solutions for telco, ISP providers, banking & finance industries. Where there is a requirement for a tailored and sophisticated big data analysis solution, it’s us who can answer the requirements. Are you looking for one? Let us know!

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About Us

We are experts in building and delivering outstanding IT solutions. ​Most of the tasks we do revolve around combining AI and Big Data technologies for real-time analysis of massive amounts of data. We do for our clients what others think is too difficult.

One cannot talk about any quality of a service if you have to order unrelated pieces of it from different providers. This is why our services are end-to-end. You can benefit from the years of our experience in carrying out installation and roll-outs of hardware. And you can be sure everything will be tailored to your very solution. When working with us, you have the luxury of choosing between implementing an existing solution or building one from scratch on a request. And you’ll be supported afterwards, being able to select from a range of different response time options and flexible service hours, including 24/7.

Of course, we could never do it without our people. Anthillo is created by a team of experts who love their job! We managed to put together a group of specialists extensively experienced in providing services for multiple industry sectors. Our employees hold numerous professional certificates in the area of IT process management as well as technical certificates granted by computer hardware and software manufacturers.

We pull logic out of the anthills of data

Are you collecting piles of unorganised data and still wondering what to do with it? Let us add some meaning to it, by applying the right analytics solution onto that. We can guarantee that it will boost your business!

You’ve just found your supplier

No matter if you’re looking for an end-to-end service, a very sophisticated tailor-made solution, or your infrastructure support – you don’t have to look any further.

We can accommodate your requirements like no other place. Leave us your contact details – let’s have a chat!

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